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  • Jiří Klika

    Jiří Klika

    is a second violinist in Metropol Quartet.

    In the years 1994 – 2000 he studied Prague Conservatory at professors Nora Grumlíková and Dagmar Zárubová. He participated in Kocian Violin Competition several times winning the third prize twice (1988, 1989) and the second prize once (1991). Since 2000 he has cooperated with major Prague chamber and symphonic orchestras.

    In 2003 he graduated from Vyšší odborná škola herecká (High School for Actors), drama art and moderating. He has played several theatre, film and radio roles. He has starred in several theaters, e.g. Vinohrady Theatre in Prague or Karel Čapek Theatre in Hradec Králové. He is engaged in moderating (social events, concerts) and work with microphone (reading texts, recording advertisements and audio books, such as for the Library and Printing works for the Blinds
    of K. E. Macan in Prague).

    At present, he is a member of Prague State Opera.