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    Technical conditions of the performance

    ♦ adequately lighted space of minimum 2 x 3 meters (if outside, to be protected from direct sunshine and rain, in winter to be sufficiently heated if the temperature decreasing near to zero) ♦ appropriate room or separate space for changing clothes and safe storage of civil clothes and of the instrument cases
    ♦ four chairs

    We are ready to come to whatever place in the Czech Republic or abroad by a representative car. Within 30 km from Prague, or according to agreement, we cover the travel costs at our expense.

    We are capable of professional moderation of our performances. In larger spaces, or according your requirement, we carry out a professional sounding of our performance.

    The fees are always arranged individually, based on prior negotiation, according to standard or specific requirement of the client and in respect to the term and duration of the performance and its technical demands.


    Based on prior arrangement we adapt musically and perform whatever piece you wish, even though it were not part of our repertoire. In exceptional cases we would ask you for its written form (scores) or sound recording (CD, WAV, MP3, etc.). In case that any author, editor or other rights are bound to such a piece, the responsibility for fees and the announcement of the piece at OSA is taken on by the client
    or agency.

    To improve the music impression we can enlarge the quartet adding a contrabass or double the melodic voices or invite the guest (e.g. soprano) according to the nature of the event.

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