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  • Zdeněk Pechoušek

    Zdeněk Pechoušek

    is a concert master of Metropol Quartet.

    After finishing the Prague Conservatory (professors Václav Benda and Darina Zárubová) he was the concert master of the Prague Army corps Symphonic Orchestra (AUS) in 1993-94. Then he cooperated with following orchestras: Prague Symphony Orchestra (FOK), Virtuosi di Praga, Czech Chamber Orchestra, Virtuosi Pragenses and Czech National Symphonic Orchestra.

    Since 1995 he has been the member of the Prague Chamber Orchestra where he now works as a member of PKO-agency as well and since 2009 he’s National Theatre Orchestra member.

    At the same time he is a concert master and soloist in Dvořák Chamber Orchestra and Prague Royal Orchestra. Occasionally he cooperates with Solistes Europeens in Luxembourg and with Prague Philharmonia.

    In Metropol Quartet he arranges and adapts the majority of pieces of the ensemble’s repertoire.